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carbon rings

Wedding bands and rings made of carbon fiber from our collection are casual, silky to the touch, incredibly lightweight yet durable, and come in an intense black color. They are made solely of carbon fiber or in combination with other metals such as gold, platinum, steel, titanium, or tantalum, with a matte or textured finish, and the possibility of setting diamonds. An assortment designed for you to choose the ones that best fit your taste and budget if you are adventurous and unconventional individuals. They are particularly attractive rings.

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More and more couples are opting for wedding rings made of carbon fiber. If you are looking for modern, non-traditional rings, these can be a great option.

Just a few years ago, no one thought of buying a black wedding ring. Gold or platinum rings have always been leaders (and still are) as they are timeless metals, but slowly other alternatives have emerged and gained popularity among couples. Thus, steel, titanium, and, more recently, dark wedding rings have become popular due to the trend of using more "technological" materials in jewelry and thanks to increasingly sophisticated manufacturing techniques that produce high-quality pieces.

This combination of trend and excellent quality has made carbon fiber an increasingly popular material for crafting wedding rings, becoming an attractive alternative.

  • Carbon is a chemical element found in nature in different forms, such as graphite or diamond. There is an enormous variety of carbon compounds, and it is present in all living beings.
  • The use of carbon fiber as a high-tech material is highly appealing due to its resistance to chemicals and temperature changes, its strength, and its extremely lightweight properties. It is associated with sports and leisure activities and is also perfect for wedding rings that are worn daily.
  • The black, silky texture of carbon fiber, when combined with white, rose, palladium, or platinum gold, creates warm, elegant, contemporary, and high-quality designs, perfect for individuals seeking new, modern, and daring wedding rings.
  • Depending on the model, the rings are made from a carbon fiber tube that is combined with a precious metal like gold, platinum, or palladium, or with carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin that is wrapped around the ring multiple times. The winding of the carbon fiber on each ring creates slight surface differences, ensuring that the finish of a pair of rings is not exactly the same, making each piece unique, personal, and unrepeatable.

The rings and wedding bands made of carbon fiber showcased in our collection are German-made, representing some of the world's best brands such as TeNo and TitanFactory, - the most prestigious titanium jewelry factory -, among others, and they are produced under strict quality controls with the finest titanium and cutting-edge technology. They are a clear example of the prestige that "Made in Germany" products have.

carbon steel rings

Comparing the "new" materials: zirconium, titanium, tantalum, carbon fiber, or steel:

  • For their color: Carbon fiber is black and zirconium can be black. Tantalum has the darkest gray, slightly lighter is the gray of titanium, and finally, natural zirconium and steel are of a lighter gray color.
  • For their weight: Carbon fiber is the lightest by far. Then comes titanium, zirconium, steel, and tantalum is the heaviest.
  • For their resistance to scratches: Tantalum is the hardest. Then comes zirconium, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.
  • For their price, related to the difficulty of being worked: Steel is the most economical. Then comes titanium, carbon fiber, zirconium, and tantalum.
  • Carbon fiber, titanium, tantalum, and zirconium have very good thermal conductivity, which makes them adapt instantly to the temperature of the skin.
  • All of them are very durable and highly resistant to breakage.
  • Due to their manufacturing method, it is not easy to adjust the size of these rings once they are made, and only in the case of tantalum or zirconium rings, their size can be modified by one or two sizes. However, on occasion, the manufacturer may agree to make a new ring at a special price if it needs to be made larger or smaller.

various metal colors

Both on our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement rings and wedding bands- we showcase a wide assortment of models made of gold, platinum, carbon fiber, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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