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engagement ringHow to make the right choice?

You've already imagined a life together and now you're thinking about the ideal ring, the one that they will love the most, to take "the leap".

If you find it difficult to make the decision about which ring to give, don't worry, follow your instinct and choose while thinking about your partner, their preferences, their personality, paying attention to their way of dressing.

Tips for choosing the perfect ring:

Does your partner sometimes show you or mention pictures of rings they really like? When you pass by a jewelry store, do they stop to look at them and show them to you with interest?

When choosing while thinking about your partner, pay attention and memorize the characteristics of the rings they show you, as those are the ones they like.

What type and shape of stones do they have? Or are they stoneless?

  • Most women's rings have a large diamond or a few smaller ones, although the combination of a large, centered, colored stone alongside several smaller diamonds is a trend seen in actresses and models.
  • Most men's rings are stoneless, although there are men who love to wear a small diamond, which can be black, on the outer or inner part of the ring.

What color and material are they made of?

  • Most women's rings are made of gold or platinum: Yellow gold is the most classic, combined with diamonds or stones in brown or green tones. Platinum or white gold is the most elegant and goes well with both diamonds and stones of any color. Rose gold is the most original and modern, combined with diamonds and colored stones.
  • Most men's rings are made of innovative materials: Technical, dark, and unusual materials such as tantalum, zirconium, titanium, or carbon fiber.

Are they simple in shape and lines, or rather robust?

  • Most women's rings, in gold or platinum, are thin and delicately shaped: The classics, where the diamond takes center stage, are back in style. On the other hand, engagement rings in steel, carbon, or titanium usually have more robust lines.
  • Most men's rings are very thin if their style is elegant, or they are robust rings with thick shapes if their style is informal.

Ring size: If you don't know their ring size, which is common, "borrow" a ring from them for a few hours. They won't notice or will pretend not to... And if you don't dare, ask a trusted friend or family member to help you, they will surely do so. (We need to know the inner diameter of the ring very precisely).

Ring cost: An engagement ring should require some effort from you, within your means. It will be the piece of jewelry that your partner will look at most throughout their life and it has a high sentimental value.

Engraving: While not essential, it's a nice touch to include an engraving that has special symbolism for both of you: The place and date where you met, an affectionate nickname, a beautiful phrase, magical words, a symbol, etc.

How to present the ring?: A classic way to deliver the ring is by opening the box in front of your partner to surprise them. Another option is to keep it hidden so that you can deliver it during dinner, perhaps between desserts or among some flowers.

Contact us and we will advise you to find the perfect ring, the "ring of their life".

engagement ring

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